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The project is called Worldwide culture and fashion playing cards(WCF). It aims to promote different cultures through personalised the playing cards. Nowadays, educators advocate children to learn knowledge through playing games. There is more and more educational cards release in the market. In Asian, most of the parents would buy these learning material even their children have not born. The parents hope their children can learn things in advanced, in order to be sure that their children can get high marks among others. I discover that the topics of educational cards are mostly related to school subject including Mathematics calculation and English vocabularies. There are few products related to art and culture theme. So, I decided to start a project on Kickstarter with a new creation of educational cards. Initially, I plan to design a deck of infographic cards with an educational aim that helps general public especially kids and teenagers. These cards help them learn and know a culture, fashion and artistic pattern of different nationalities. However, I hope people can learn different culture in an entertaining approach. So, I decided to design a deck of bridge cards that are pocket friendly and handy to play in anytime. Players can read the graphics include fashion, food, festival and unique pattern of different ethics groups on the cards. Also, there is a different caption on each card to introduce a fun fact to the players. In this project, a limited edition of playing cards will be sold in the Kickstarter project. Customers can receive some add-on products, pins, and postcards if they want to donate more money to support my project. The personalised playing cards are in Bridge size whose dimension is 56mm x 87mm. The cards will be printed on 305gsm Heretic Playing Card Board printed on laminated paper with standard edged, 15mN.m stiffness, on a smooth finish. Cards with be packaged in matt laminated personalized tuck boxes. The cards are produced through the website, IVORY.


Risk and Challenges

Since it is personalised playing cards, the image on each card may be printed differently. The spacing of the caption under the graphics is arranged manually. Each card will be designed in different spacing.
Also, as the design will be elements from 14 countries. Readability is another problem. The graphics will be crowded and pack tightly together. The players may be hard to distinguish or read the element on the graphics.
In the meantime, the consistency of style is a challenge. This project requires doing so much research. Since the patterns and traditional clothing of different countries either will be so similar or dramatically different, it is a challenge for coming up with a unique and distinct style. 

Playing Cards Template


Playing cards design and description

The gallery slideshow shows the detailed graphics and the descriptions printed on the cards.

Other Rewards

Mock up of postcards and pins

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